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No safety feature is as important as your vehicle's brakes; Volvo brake pad replacement will maintain their function and your safety from behind the wheel. It's a critical service, as it ensures that your vehicle can come to a stop effectively.

When facing a worn set of brake pads, our certified technicians will replace them with precise work and with Volvo genuine parts. They'll lend a hand with diagnosing and servicing any other braking issues that your vehicle may be facing, too. At our Volvo service center, they'll get you back on the road in a timely manner, so stop by to keep this vital system working at its best.

When Is Volvo Brake Pad Replacement Necessary?

A Volvo brake service should be performed if you feel any discrepancies in braking force. It's not something worth taking a risk on. Brake pad wear varies with many factors, and so does the timeframe for brake pad replacement. But, there are ways to tell when new pads or complete brake service is required:

  • Strange noises while braking, including squealing or grinding
  • A softer feeling while pressing the brake pedal
  • Pulses in the brake pedal or steering wheel while braking
  • Higher amounts of brake-dust buildup on your wheels
  • A burning scent from your wheel well

When facing one or more of these signs, your brake pads may need replacing, or the system may need servicing. Visit us ASAP for a diagnosis. Like a Volvo oil change, we can help you save on the work with our service specials.

Get Your Volvo Brake Pad Replacement in Virginia Beach, VA

Your brakes rely on several parts working together in harmony. Like a Volvo battery replacement, the system is straightforward, but a bit daunting to dive into. To remove any worry before your brake service, here's an overview of each component:

Brake pedal: The brain

An electronic circuit illuminates your Volvo brake light as you press the pedal, and the pedal itself helps pressurize a reservoir filled with hydraulic fluid, sending said fluid through the next component.

Brake lines: The veins

That hydraulic fluid is your Volvo brake fluid. It gets pushed through intricate metal brake lines, carrying the fluid to the next braking component.

Brake calipers: The muscle

Behind each wheel, a brake caliper is mounted above a rotating disc. As you press the brake pedal, the brake fluid enters the caliper and pushes out one or more pistons located inside. Volvo brake caliper replacement is uncommon, as the calipers should last for many years. What's critical, though, is the component located inside the calipers.

Brake pads: The hands

When the caliper's piston pushes, it pushes your brake pads. They're a metal piece with a friction-generation surface on one side, and two brake pads are located within a caliper. As you press the brake pedal on your commutes near Chesapeake, VA, the next component is gripped from both sides by your brake pads, similar to how your hands grasp a cup of coffee.

Not all brake pads are the same

Please note that the Volvo brake pad replacement cost can differ. A larger vehicle will use a larger set of pads, and the price may be higher as a result.

Brake rotors: Where the magic happens

Brake rotors are rotating discs connected to the axles of your vehicle, and they turn with your wheels. As the caliper pushes the pads against the rotors, the friction generated is what slows your vehicle down. Both the pads and rotors wear down from this process. That's why Volvo brake pad replacement and rotor replacement are necessary over time.

Solve All your Braking Needs at Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach

From brake pad replacement to a brake fluid flush, our state-of-the-art service center near Norfolk, VA, has everything your braking system needs to work at its best. Get in touch, and stop by to keep your vehicle's stopping power at its best.


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