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Schedule Car Service In Virginia Beach near Chesapeake, VA

Why You Should Schedule Volvo Service in Virginia Beach

Routine maintenance is essential to the health of your new Volvo vehicle. Unfortunately, keeping up with regular Volvo service can be challenging when life gets busy. Here at Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach, our service department values your time.  We're here to remind our customers of some of the services our certified mechanics can provide you. Knowing your vehicle is up to date on manufacturer recommended maintenance tasks can give you peace of mind and confidence on the roads of Suffolk, VA. 

Oil Changes

Your vehicle's user manual will tell you how often you should get an oil change. Oil changes are one of the most important services, and you won't want to get behind on it. Maintaining proper levels of clean oil in your engine helps to lubricate moving parts, keeping the engine from overheating and allowing it to perform efficiently as you drive around Hampton.

Tire Care

You want to maintain the recommended air pressure in your tires and have them rotated regularly to prevent uneven wear. In addition, always take time to inspect the tread on your tires. Bald spots or worn tread can lead to accidents. Our Volvo service team can recommend replacement tires and install them if necessary.

Battery Testing

A quick check we can do for you is to test your battery's power. If your battery is more than a couple of years old, it could be time for a new one.

Brake Inspection

Have you had your brakes inspected lately? Worn pads and rotors can be hazardous to your safety and are service items you don't want to let slide.

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Are you ready to make your next Volvo service appointment? You can schedule service on our website any time, day or night. Call our service department during regular business hours if you prefer to speak with someone about your appointment. We'll help you determine which maintenance tasks your vehicle needs for top performance and safety.