New Volvo XC60 For Sale Near Norfolk, VA

If you're looking for a new SUV, come to our dealership to see what you and your loved ones think of the new Volvo XC60 for sale. With its spacious seating for up to five people, mild-hybrid technology for saving at the gas pump, and luxurious amenities, you'll be eager to welcome this vehicle as one of the family after taking it on a test drive. The following guide provides a more detailed look into its specs, dimensions, reliability, and design, so you can be sure it's the right choice for your needs.

What Performance Can You Expect From a Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid?

Volvo automakers are determined to electrify their entire lineup. This is why the new Volvo XC60 for sale, like their other gasoline-powered cars and SUVs, features mild hybrid technology as a step in that direction. Volvo XC60 lease deals can come with either the B5 or B6 powertrain option. The standard B5 system matches a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a 48-volt battery that collects energy from regenerative braking to give your fuel economy an electric boost. With this setup and front-wheel drive, you can get an EPA-estimated 23/30/26 MPG (City/Highway/Combined).1 The AWD version delivers an EPA-estimated 23/29/25 MPG,1 which is still very competitive.

The more powerful choice pairs the same engine with a supercharger. This takes the horsepower from 247 (with 258 pound-feet of torque) to 295 horsepower (with 310 pound-feet of torque). It also shaves time off your 0-60 mph speed. While the B5 can get you there in 6.5-6.6 seconds, the B6 can get the job done in under six.

A Look at the 2024 Volvo XC60 for Sale by the Numbers

In addition to questions about its fuel efficiency, you're probably also wondering how large this SUV is. It measures 185.4 inches long, 65.2 inches tall, and 78.7 inches wide (without mirrors). Those in the front seat will get 38 inches of headroom, 58.2 inches of shoulder room, and 41.5 inches of legroom. Second-row passengers will get the same headroom, 56.3 inches of shoulder room, and 38 inches of legroom.

This leaves you with 22.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row, or fold the rear seats down to increase this to over 63 cubic feet. On top of all that, this vehicle has a 3,500-pound towing capacity when properly equipped.

Learn More About the New Volvo XC60 for Sale in Virginia Beach, VA

To learn more about this vehicle, including what amenities come with each of its three trims (the Core, Plus, and Ultimate), stop by our dealership near Chesapeake, VA. We'll be happy to tell you about the standard features, like the panoramic moonroof and BLIS™ suite of driver-assistance features, as well as the available ones, like leather upholstery, heated front seats, a graphical head-up display, and more. We can also show you these features during your test drive on the roads near Norfolk, VA.

While we love this SUV, we know that every family has unique needs. If you need someone to compare the Volvo XC60 vs. Acura RDX or discuss the pros and cons of the gasoline-powered version vs. the 2024 Volvo XC60 Recharge plug-in hybrid, we'll answer all your questions transparently. Stop by to see us and begin those conversations today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the price range on a new Volvo XC60 at Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach?

At Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach, the price range for our inventory of new Volvo XC60 SUVs currently begins with a starting price of $48,645 MSRP2. On the top-end of our inventory’s price range, you’ll currently find a starting price of $65,390 MSRP2. Our competitive prices can get even more attractive; check out our current Volvo XC60 lease deals and specials today. For reference during your search for your ideal Volvo XC60, here's an overview of the Volvo XC60 trim levels and their starting prices:

  • 2024 Volvo XC60 B5 Core: Starting price of $44,545 MSRP2
  • 2024 Volvo XC60 B5 Plus Bright: Starting price of $48,795 MSRP2
  • 2024 Volvo XC60 B5 Plus Dark: Starting price of $48,795 MSRP2
  • 2024 Volvo XC60 B5 Ultimate Bright: Starting price of $54,595 MSRP2
  • 2024 Volvo XC60 B5 Ultimate Dark: Starting price of $54,595 MSRP2
  • 2024 Volvo XC60 B6 Ultimate Bright: Starting price of $60,145 MSRP2
  • 2024 Volvo XC60 B6 Ultimate Dark: Starting price of $60,145 MSRP2
These listed starting prices exclude available options and factors like taxes, fees, and more.


What new Volvo XC60 trims are available at Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach?

At Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach, our inventory of new Volvo XC60 SUVs for sale currently has:

  • The Volvo XC60 B5 AWD Plus Bright
  • The Volvo XC60 B5 AWD Plus Dark
  • The Volvo XC60 B5 AWD Ultimate Bright
  • The Volvo XC60 B5 Core Dark
  • The Volvo XC60 B5 FWD Plus Bright
  • The Volvo XC60 B5 FWD Plus Dark
  • The Volvo XC60 B5 Plus Dark
  • The Volvo XC60 B5 Ultimate Dark
If the trim level you've been looking for isn't currently available, get in touch today. We can help you reserve your perfect new Volvo XC60 SUV with our pre-order form. As a reference for your search, the new Volvo XC60 can be found in the Momentum, Inscription, and R-Design trim levels. The Momentum trim starts the show as a base-level trim that defies entry-level expectations with premium features, high-end materials, and more. When you choose the R-Design trim, you'll enjoy both a generous helping of high-end features and a stylish, sporty overhaul. With the Inscription trim, you'll be treated to a first-class experience loaded with exclusive, top-end features, materials, and technology.


In what exterior and interior colors is the new Volvo XC60 available at Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach?

For the exterior colors in our current inventory of new Volvo XC60 SUVs, you'll find:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • White
Be on the lookout for attractive and exclusive exterior colors like sporty Fusion Red, dynamically sleek Denim Blue, lustrous Crystal White, cutting-edge Thunder Grey, and many more. To complement the attractive exterior paint options, the interior color choices in our inventory of new Volvo XC60 SUVs currently includes:
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gray
Colors will vary with interior upholstery options. Check back often to find stunning combinations like Blond City Weave textile, Maroon Brown leather, Charcoal Nappa leather, and more.


Which new Volvo XC60 engine is the best?

Are you looking for fuel efficiency first and foremost? Go for the B5 configuration with FWD. If you're interested in fast acceleration or more powerful performance, the B6 configuration should be your pick. Alternatively, you could pick the T8 eAWD option if you want to save even more at the gas pump and enjoy even more horsepower. However, you'll need to charge your SUV.

Does the Volvo XC60 have wireless charging?

This vehicle comes with Bluetooth® connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly connect your phone to your car. You can also get this vehicle with a wireless charging setup. This appears as a rubber plate in between the driver's and front passenger's seats that can be used to charge eligible devices. It should not be used for medical equipment charging, as this can cause problems. For more information, talk to our team.

Does the Volvo XC60 come with a spare tire?

Yes, this vehicle comes with a temporary spare wheel. However, this is not meant to be driven on for an extended time. For one, it will be mismatched in size with your other times and made of less durable material. This will make it more inclined to blowouts and, otherwise, negatively affect your SUV's performance. Instead, you should use it to travel to a service center ASAP.

Discover a Volvo XC60 of Your Own at Volvo Cars Virginia Beach Near Chesapeake, VA

Ready to experience a Volvo XC60 SUV for yourself? There's much more to discover all around, and we'd be thrilled to help you explore and test-drive one in person. We're also thrilled for you to experience our commitment to exceptional customer service in everything we offer you. So whether it's from our selection of used cars for sale or a brand-new XC60, stop by today and experience the Volvo Cars Virginia Beach difference.

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1For more information, please visit the official US government source for all fuel economy at

2Prices shown are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), Base Price or Starting At price and excludes destination fees, taxes, title, license, and registration and/or electronic filing fees, dealer fees.