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If you're looking for professional Volvo service and auto repair for your new Volvo XC90, look no further than the Volvo service department at our dealership.

We offer certified Volvo service for all Volvo vehicles. When your car is due for a tire rotation, new car battery, or check engine light reset, our team is here to handle your Volvo vehicle's factory maintenance and oil change schedule. Schedule your appointment today.

Volvo Oil and Filter Change

One of the most popular auto services we offer in our Volvo service center is a synthetic oil change and oil filter installation. If you don't know the factory oil change schedule for your new Volvo vehicle, you can find it in your vehicle's owner's manual or by giving our service department a call.

Part of the service we offer is maintaining a detailed service history for your vehicle. You can call us any time if you're wondering how long to go between oil changes or how long brake pads last. We can look up the service records for your car and schedule a service appointment for you to come in if you're due for an oil change in Virginia Beach, VA.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a conventional oil change for your used Volvo wagon or a synthetic oil change for your new Volvo SUV. Our Volvo service department is here to handle all of your car's maintenance.

Before you book your appointment, be sure to look at our current Volvo service coupons. We offer regular specials on auto repair and oil change discounts to help you save money on maintenance.

Volvo Brake Pad Replacement

The brakes on your new Volvo S60 sedan lease are an essential safety system. It's important to have the brakes inspected by the experts in our Volvo Cars Virginia Beach service center and brake shop. If your car squeaks or squeals when you step on the brake pedal or your car pulls to one side of the road when stopping, bring your car in for a brake inspection right away. A brake inspection will determine if your vehicle is due for new brake pads and rotors.

Have you recently started a Volvo subscription with our dealership near Chesapeake, VA? If so, you can book a Volvo subscription service appointment for your vehicle at our brake and auto shop.

The Care by Volvo subscription has many benefits. When you sign up for Care by Volvo, you get to enjoy a new Volvo vehicle with no long-term commitment. Drive a sporty sedan during the summer, then switch to an AWD SUV when the rainy season hits.

Volvo Parts and Accessories for Sale

When you come to our dealership for Volvo parts & service, you can depend on our team to use genuine auto parts when completing your car's repairs. Now, you might be asking, "What are the benefits of OEM auto parts?"

If so, you should know that OEM Volvo parts have several benefits. The first is, they're built by the same people who built your car, which means they're designed to fit your car, and second, they're built to last, so you can get many miles out of your car.

Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach Service Department

During your car's service appointment, please enjoy our service lounge and partake in our complimentary amenities. You're also welcome to stroll our showroom or browse our Volvo accessories for sale to see if there's a new roof rack or cargo liner you'd like to add to your ride while you're here.

If this is your first time bringing your car to our Volvo service department near Norfolk, VA, our Volvo customer service representatives can answer any questions you have and provide you with directions to our convenient location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Volvo check engine light on?

Your Volvo check engine light might be on for several reasons. It is typically meant to inform you of an internal issue. Some of the most common causes include a malfunctioning part, your oil needing to be changed, a sensor that needs to be reset, or a loose component. If you're savvy about auto care, inspect under your hood to see if the issue can be resolved with a simple fix, like tightening a cap somewhere or reattaching a part.

In most cases, it's wiser to visit our service center for access to knowledgeable professionals. Our team can help you address your concerns about your Volvo car's check engine light and overall health using advanced diagnostic tools that read the onboard computer. Don't forget to inquire about our service deals and specials.

When should I visit a service center for my Volvo vehicle?

Visit our service department at Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach to address issues quickly as they arise. Take note of any symptoms you notice in your car, like leaking fluids, pungent odors, flickering interior lights, inconsistent acceleration when pressing the gas, or difficulty braking. The sooner you see one of our seasoned technicians, the better for your peace of mind and your Volvo vehicle. Your gas-engine vehicle may need routine maintenance for its oil, brake service, cabin air filter replacement, tire rotation, or another service.

If you notice the check engine light has come on inside your Volvo car, bring it in to get checked out by our expert specialists, who know your Volvo model inside and out. Our technicians can peek under your hood, look inside your engine bay, and conduct a multipoint inspection to ensure your vehicle stays as road-ready as possible.

Should I service my Volvo vehicle at an independent mechanic or at a dealership?

Choose our Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach technicians for your Volvo service needs to get enhanced peace of mind. Getting your Volvo car's service at our dealership will prepare you to get back on the road, knowing your vehicle has been handled by professionals trained on the specific make and model. Our certified technicians can take a crack at nearly any issue before them with help from the vast array of manufacturer-specific diagnostic tools at their disposal - something independent mechanics may not have.

You may also enjoy comprehensive warranty coverage you can rely on if you find a defective or faulty part. Inquire about our warranty coverage with our team of specialists. Additionally, we can help you keep more money in your pocket with service deals and specials on your routine maintenance.

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