Check Out a Few Volvo S60 Safety Features

Our team at Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach wanted to showcase a few safety features in the new Volvo S60 that have increased its popularity. One of the ways that the new Volvo S60 has been keeping drivers safer is by way of the Blind Spot Information system. This vehicle has sensors mounted in the read that are scanning the blind spot areas for any other vehicles, alerting you of a vehicle in the area by flashing a light on your side mirrors so you are aware which lane to avoid until that vehicle moves by.

The Lane-Keeping System in your new Volvo S60 was designed to make driving on the road a safer experience for all. By way of sensors pointed at the highway, if the system is able to detect drifting from the lane is occurring, warning pulses are sent to the steering wheel so the driver recognizes that they need to make corrections quickly.



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