Don’t even think about comparing the Volvo XC40 with any other vehicle when it comes to its audio and technology systems. There are too many quality components on this vehicle to do an apples to apples comparison to some other vehicle out there.

This is the smallest SUV that Volvo makes, but it has the technological package that makes sense. It has included the nine-inch touchscreen that so many people have praised from years gone by. Additionally, it has some of the most powerful audio technology possible. There are a lot of audio fans out there who want to ensure that they never have to go anywhere without their favorite audio available to them. The Volvo XC40 makes sure that this is a possibility.

The screen alone will take the place of most of the buttons that one used to have to use before, but the volume knob remains as people have stated that they love that. Small touches like that show that the Volvo XC40 is the kind of vehicle for the everyday person.

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