Routine wheel alignments keep your vehicle maneuvering like a dream and preserves the fitness of your tires. How often should you get a wheel alignment? Check your owner's manual for recommended frequency, or just bring your vehicle to Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach for a quick, top-to-bottom service appointment. Between now and then, here are some ways you can determine for yourself if you need a wheel alignment.

Proof of Misaligned Wheels

If your tires are wearing down unevenly or if your vehicle's front shakes or vibrates when you drive through Virginia Beach, it's possibly time for a wheel alignment. Misaligned wheels are also the cause of your vehicle veering left or right when you attempt to drive straight or when your vehicle continues to drive straight despite that you turn your steering wheel left or right.

How We Align Your Wheels

Like all seasoned auto service teams, we check and correct your wheel alignment to make it agree with your manufacturer's specifications for camber, caster and toe. Toe is an inward-outward, top-down wheel angle. Caster is the back-to-front steering wheel pivot angle, and camber refers to a vertical alignment perpendicular to the road.

To ensure optimal wheel alignment, check for the signs of misaligned wheels and then drive into our dealership today for quick, prompt, professional service.



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