Explore Volvo S90 City Driving Versatility Features

The Volvo S90 can be the perfect vehicle for those who are interested in optimizing their city driving. With a broad variety of safety features readily available, there is something for everyone in this vehicle.

Introducing an entire City Safety support system, drivers will be able to enjoy improved functionality and versatility when it comes to avoiding low-speed collisions. The safety system kicks in as soon as the driver accelerates over 2.5 miles per hour, and it applies the brakes automatically in the event of a collision, helping drivers stay on top of their surroundings.

If you have always wanted to see what this vehicle could do for you, be sure to visit Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach at your earliest convenience. There are numerous other vehicles readily available on the lot as well, and the capable Volvo sales experts here can make it easy for you to start driving today!



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