Feel the Difference in Safety With the Volvo V90

Safety is the name of the game when it comes to automaking, and Volvo has shown its true colors with the V90. This is the newest model to arrive at Volvo Cars of Virginia Beach, and it comes loaded with features that can make you feel safer while driving around Virginia Beach, VA.

Feel the Safety

The following are some things that make the Volvo V90 stand out:

Runoff Protection

The V90 is constantly scanning the road ahead, trying to keep you safe. One thing it does is measure the chances of a runoff, and if it does detect a high probability, then it tightens all belts to keep everyone safe, just in case.

Rear Collision

It would be nice if all drivers drove safely, but that is not the case. One of the worst types of accidents is the rear collision because you usually don't see it coming. Well, the rear collision system can see it coming and activates auto-braking and tightens belts to make sure everyone is in the safest position during the collision.

You can feel the difference when you test drive the Volvo V90, and you'll know immediately if this is the option that truly meets your needs.

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